Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Super Stay 14Hr Lipstick // Always Plum

I've never been a huge fan of lipstick... always favoured a good lip tint over the creamy, smudgy colour sticks that every woman seemed to caw over, and lip-gloss was always too sticky. I could never stand being one of those girls who left a kiss trail everywhere she went; on straws, cheeks, even cigarette butts. And I never fully gained the skill level of a woman who can apply the colour drunkenly as easily as she did sober - lipstick was a big no, no for a night out.

But every girl gets bored easily (and perhaps me more so than others)... once I'd made my way through my choice of tint colours, I found myself craving something new so I gave Maybelline's Super Stay 14hr Lipstick a go.

The creamy consistency means that you can manipulate the colour achieved some what- if you smudge it a little once applied you end up with this super luscious pink berry shade which is awesome for a down-stated day time look, but I personally love layering it up to achieve this rich purpely shade.

Because it dries so quickly - a BIG plus in my eyes - the shade can easily be built up, darker and darker. I'm wearing three coats above. Whilst yeah, it does still rub off a little, I've found that to maintain the deep shade I adore I need only reapply every couple of hours at the least... I can quite easily apply the colour when I leave the house in the morning and still look fine when I come home. 
This really is one awesome formula!

You can buy the lipstick and shade in most highstreet drugstores at about £5 - which isn't too shabby for all day coverage!
What are your favourite lipsticks? Which shades do you love the most?

Ria <3

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