Friday, 20 December 2013

Wishlist // On the Twentieth Day of Christmas...

"Directional, exciting and diverse"... I'm crushin on ASOS and these rad printed leggings!

The tapestry trend is HUGE this A/W making these leggings the perfect cover up to beat the outside chill. And as if that wasnt enough their main feature colour is red... only the hottest shade of the festive season, set to be huge in the transition to summer too! I think they're modelled perfectly here - a chunky black knit and some platform boots are all you need to make a seriously cool outfit from these leggings. They're crazy enough to allow simplicity throughout the rest of your outfit. 

LFW's S/S14 collections were hugely influenced by Middle Eastern colour and print and in a way these kinda give off those vibes, I don't know if that's just me...? Plus when it gets warmer team them with flatform sandals and a loose cami for the perfect casual look!

Wishlist // On the Nineteenth Day of Christmas...

Seven lilac mix roses sit on a braided vine crown. Wear Lana as a festival style bandeau or as a classic statement headband.

Flower crowns are something I was never quite sure about throughout the summer...

When my hair was longer I feel that maybe I could have pulled it off but my short hair makes my head appear even more moon-ish than usual. I feel as though I need luscious, long curls to successfully look as gorge as this beautiful crown deserves me to be! I can't quite picture myself wearing it without tumbling waves pouring around my shoulders. My silly, short hair needs to hurry up and grow. Anyone know of any potions?

Just look at the colours in this one though! The Lana floral crown's multiple purple shades make this crown stand out for me, above any other Rock n' Rose headpiece. It's just about the perfect about of vampy for me and will look delish with my new cami style H&M, rose print dress! 

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Wishlist // On the Eighteenth Day of Christmas...

Okay so I've been crushing over these two beauties for AGES now... 

I first saw the Maude playsuit in ARK a couple of months ago and fell instantly in love. The print on it is so simple and not at all detailed which gives the suit a completely unique look. The stark contrast between the reds, whites and bright greens against the black makes the print stand out so much more than it normally would, and although its cold out and shorts might not be the best choice for warmth the longer arms more than make up for it! 
Plus I can always layer up with tights!

The Molly playsuit is exactly the same style as the Maude... I realise this, but its the print that I'm in love with. One thing I adore about Motel is the fact that they use the same fabric on different garments which means I can love the print and even if one style doesn't suit my shape, I can easily go for something else! They do it in a jumpsuit and a pinafore dress which is mega cute!

Wishlist // On the Seventeenth Day of Christmas...

Over the past month New Look has fast become cemented in my mind as the greatest stop for statement jewellery... here's why.

Silver and Pink Gemstone Daisy Bib Necklace - £14.99
Silver Spike Chain Necklace - £7.99
Green and Gold Gemstone Chain Necklace - £5.99
Limited Silver Gem Spike Necklace and Drop Earrings Set - £24.99
Silver and Pale Blue Teardrop Gem Choker - £7.99
Chrystal Dimante Triple Gem Necklace - £12.99
Turquoise and Gold Jewelled Drape Necklace - £14.99
Grey Pearl Embellished Chunky Gem Necklace - £7.99
Limited Gold Flower Necklace and Stud Earring Set - £24.99
Limited Black Coated Jewel Necklace - £17.99
Silver Oil Slick Gemstone Choker - £12.99
Limited Gold Flower Spike Necklace and Stud Earring Set - £24.99

Wishlist // On the Sixteenth Day of Christmas...

"Cover up without compromising on style in this black geometric jacquard borg-bonded oversized coat."

So I've been after a cute black coat for the winter seasons for about six months now to no avail... anything I find isn't quite right and when you've got that picture in your mind of the perfect jacket 'not quite right' isn't gonna cut it. 

So it isn't exactly (completely...) black but it is seriously cool. In my mind its the perfect mix of oversized coat and aviator - a strange insight into how my mind works I guess! Since most of my new clothes tend to be either black, pink or burgundy I can see this coat being a HUGE part of my winter wardrobe. And anyway... the monochrome trend is never gonna get old.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Wishlist // On the Fifteenth Day of Christmas...

Okay... so I know a dog isn't just for Christmas but I pinky swear I will keep him forever and ever until the day I die.

It's okay to cry...

This gorgeous little guy is the heavenly love child of a Husky and a Pomeranian - a Japanese breed which kinda look like Katie off Horton Hears a Who... or an extremely cuddly, fluffy and tiny bear. They grow to about the same size as a small cat and are possibly the most adorable little creatures to have ever graced this earth, in my opinion.

As a kid I was never allowed pets, my Mum has a major allergy to fur - even playing with friends pets used to set her off! Naturally I am dying to get a puppy now that I'm in my own place but because we want to eventually travel it can't happen right now. When it does, however, it's gonna be one of these little guys who's stealing all my attention! 

Seriously. Have you ever set eyes on anything as beautiful?

Wishlist // On the Fourteenth Day of Christmas...

Urban exclusive label Staring at Stars presents this super-cosy cardigan. Made from a textured fabric for ultimate cosiness.

I kinda feel as though reaching day fourteen might be a step too far considering the general acceptance of there being twelve days but I'm gonna go right ahead and continue anyway... p.s. How dreamy are the models eyes?!

I'm loving me some burgundy at the moment! This Urban Outfitters cardi is £48 and the 3D design is so eye catching! Plus it looks really comfy... I've got a pretty sweet collection of woollies this year but it's lacking in the cardigan department so this little beauty is the perfect addition to my winter wardrobe.

I'd wear it with my lovely Wholesale7, burgundy platform boots and a black shift dress with sheer tights... my wardrobes taken a darker turn recently - the realisation that black goes with everything, (I know right, took me a while to cotton on), has me spending my pennies on clothes a few shades darker than my usual taste. Think grown up gothic! 

Friday, 13 December 2013

Wishlist // On the Thirteenth Day of Christmas...

The tastiest choccy's in Britain... (I urge you to challenge me!) It'd be rude to pick just one box!

No Christmas is complete without a girls favourite box of chocolates wrapped up in a pretty little bow under the tree and here's a peek at mine! If you want Santa to leave something special in your stocking this year top your list with one of these tasty treats.

Hotel Chocolat is perhaps the tastiest blend of coca and milk to have ever graced the streets of the UK. The Manchester based store is thourouhgly delicious from wall to wall and the gorgeously boxed medley of strangely concocted creations remind me of choccy's straight from Willy Wonka's factory! 

Wishlist // On the Twelfth Day of Christmas...

I've never exactly been a fan of the I-pad but after having a play on one this weekend I have thoroughly changed my mind...

I always thought I-padders looked complete and utter fools trying to take photo's about town with something roughly the same size as a small TV. The mini however is about half the size, and much lighter than you'd expect, especially compared to the original. And best bit... I spent half a day taking snaps at my boyfriends graduation and didn't feel at all like an idiot!

The newer iOS7 was custom built for the new sized tablet and you can definitely tell. To be honest I was always a fan of the update but I know others, (Nick included), who hated it and refuse to download it until last minute. Although some bits of the design are a little confusing - (to switch between camera and video you swipe, not touch. Believe me, it took about half an hour for me to work it out) - I think overall the redesign was needed. It's been the same set up since the I-pod touch was released six years ago.

I was against Apple for so long - yes I owned an I-pod like every other sane teenager in this world but I refused to jump on the I-phone band wagon... until three months ago. 

It's a slippery slope I tell you!

Wishlist // On the Eleventh Day of Christmas...

One of our most popular designs, this hat is a luxury update on a timeless classic. Topped with a large fur pom pom and made with Alpaca Wool to ensure warmth and super soft fit.

This hat is just so perfect, I couldn't be happier than if a sheath of 24 carat gold was spun into a yarn and that adorned my ears. This hat makes me want to pick up my skis and hit the slopes, have you ever seen something so beautifully designed for winter?! 

The pom pom adorned hat is from Winter Crown - maybe the most fitting name though of... and costs £60

Yeah okay,  it's maybe a little expensive for most purses but I'm willing to bet you couldn't find anything cuter elsewhere! Plus its made right here in Britain.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Giveaway // Ladybug Creations

Christmas is coming and the high street's getting packed!

Do I have a giveaway for you? Hell yeah! Cut out the crowds and win the perfect gift for your bestie here... or you could always just keep it for yourself! I'm giving away this necklace and earring set, perfect for the festive period.

This antique gold set comes from UK jewellery brand Ladybug Creations worth £18. The set is part of the 'Jingle all the Way' collection, tailored for the festive period, so if your looking for that perfect bit of bling to jazz up your outfits this Christmas head on over to the website.
All their jewellery is completely handmade and unique so you won't find it on the high street. 

If you want to be in with a chance of getting your mitts on this beautiful set all you have to do is drop a comment in the box, letting me know why you deserve to win the goodies. You've got until Sunday the 15th to make your statement so don't hesitate! 

You can also enter via twitter, just make sure your following @lb_chronicles and tweet me explaining what makes you my perfect winner!

Wishlist // On the Tenth Day of Christmas...

Radley rose gold bracelet watch featuring large round chronograph dial with Radley signature dog logo and slimline bracelet.

At the start of the month I began working at H Samuel in a Christmas temp position and whilst their I've been spending my spare time scoping out the goodies stood shining in display cabinets. The recent influx of rose gold into the fashion industry was kick started by Michael Kors, and it seems that every other brand has followed suite...

Not that I'm complaining. This Radley watch is my absolute favourite in store. Okay, so I don't have a clue what half of the faces are even for and setting it would be a completely alien concept but I can get someone to do that for me, right? 

Monday, 9 December 2013

Wishlist // On the Ninth Day of Christmas...

I first discovered Bumble & Bumble when the lovely folks at Elle UK sent me a freebie sample of their thickening hairspray, and since I have not looked back. 

1 // Curl Conscious Calming Creme // This magic formula promises to smooth, soften and loosen tight curls without the crunchiness! Which is something other brands I have tried haven't quite managed to achieve. I have faith though... this brand's products were crafted by unicorn tears, I am sure.

2 // Brilliantine // This fabulous formula gives hair polish and a sort of languid, slept in, sexy look with separation and extra sheen. If like me your mornings consist of drinking tea, watching this morning and crushing over Ashley Robert's beautiful blonde locks. The description pretty much describes her hair... I probably need it.  

3 // Thickening Hairspray // This stuff is AH-MAZING. For those days when your hair is just way too silky to be manageable spritz a little of this through the lengths and brush it through for an instant burst of va-va-voom! I love it. 

4 // Thickening Serum // This leave in treatment fattens and fortifies over time for thicker, stronger strands and fuller hair. Recently I quit wearing extensions opting for a more natural look, but wearing extensions for years  has damaged my hair so in parts its only just growing back. I need a quick fix to plump it up and return it to its former glory, I think this just might be the one!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Wishlist // On the Eighth Day of Christmas...

"Dance the night away in the most amazing platform sandals. With a stacked shiny black platform heel, ankle strap fastening and silver holographic fabric."

Oh my love indeed... I think I just died and went to shoe heaven. These super shiny sandals are so, so perfect I'm not sure I can quite contain my excitement. A serious must have for dancing the night away at all the most awesome xmas parties! 

There isn't a single thing I don't like about these babies. They're chunky, they're high and they shimmer in metallic glory! It helps that they come in at a handsome £40 too! They're looking more and more attractive by the second! 

Wishlist // On the Seventh Day of Christmas...

Softly structured handheld tote by Marc B. With gold branded lock and leopard print lining.

Since my French Connection tote sadly passed last month - I blame Uni for making me carry books - I've been on the hunt for a replacement to fill the empty space left by its decease. The Penny Bag by Marc B meets the requirements in a fabulous manner.

I love this bag. The structured leather means I can pack it full without compromising the style or structure, and the over shoulder strap is a must have for any day to day holdall. 
Its simple exterior is un-fussy and sophisticated - the Kate Middleton of the bag world! Just plain gorgeous. 

And at only £55 you'd be hard pressed to find a prettier bag for a similar price - it's perfect for any budget. 

Friday, 6 December 2013

Wishlist // On the Sixth Day of Christmas...

If you haven't heard of Dixi jewellery let me fill you in... an online boutique, the brand embodies every girls most magical dreams and momentize them to create gorgeously bohemian, stone filled trinkets. 
Bearing this in mind you'll understand that I couldn't choose just one, right?

Seriously, just how beautiful? Rose Gold is pretty much my new favourite thing... I mean I have always loved it but the recent influx into the fashion industry has set it at the forefront of my mind. The subtle pink tone is the perfect amount of girly, whilst being sophisticated enough for even the classiest ladies! And check those stones... B-E-A-UTIFUL! 

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Wishlist // On the Fifth Day of Christmas...

The base of this print originated from photographs of Exotic flowers growing in an East Sussex garden, simply intensified and multiplied in photoshop beyond recognition.
-Rianna Phillips on the design process.

Rianna Phillips has fast become one of my favourite UK based designers over the past six months, but as a lowly, penniless student I haven't yet been able to pick up one of her gorgeously abstract designs. But that's what Christmas is for, right? 
I've been eyeing up the Habana Clutch Bag but then I spotted this beauty and well, Habana will have to wait.
Please, please, please Santa!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Wishlist // On the Fourth Day of Christmas...

"He told me the moon was an egg, khaleesi. That once there were two moons in the sky, but one wandered too close to the sun and it cracked from the heat. Out of it poured a thousand thousand dragons and they drank the sun's fire."

Hands up who isn't obsessed with the Game of Thrones series? Didn't think so... It's amazing! Being a complete self-proclaimed Potter geek, its in my eyes, completely understandable that I have been sucked so willingly into the magical realm of The Lands of Ice and Fire! It's only natural that I would want to read the novels too.
This is probably the best gift you could possibly give to any Game of Thrones fan this year. You could opt to get the box set, or if they aren't a reader, why not choose the DVD box sets instead? (1 & 2)

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Wishlist // On the Third Day of Christmas...

Chloe's signature scent truly embodies the creative, confident individuality of the Chloe woman: a fresh, feminine fragrance with an innate sense of chic.

My all time favourite scent! Every Christmas for the past three or so years I've been given this as a gift - and last years is almost out! The fragrance comes in a choice of 30, 50 or 75ml and in my opinion is divine
Prices starting at £42, it's a gorgeous gift for sisters and mums alike. For an extra few brownie points consider the gift set, a little more pricey at £61 but totally worth it.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Instadiaries // Week 7

The Christmas countdown begins! // A lovely little church building in Salford - there's so much hidden beauty in this world. // My winter fave! Topshop jumper with velvet leggings... Cosy! // My gorgeous new booties! (I'm still waiting for them to arrive) // I've dropped major hits about this My Little Pony mug from Urban Outfitters! // Wrapped up in my vintage fur to explore the Christmas markets. // A quick snap of my face :) // Christmas in Manchester Arendale. (21 isn't too old to see Santa, right?) // Super chocolatey, mega muffin from the Christmas market... YUM! 

Wishlist // On the Second Day of Christmas...

Large shabby jewellery box - vintage wood, mirrored trinket chest - Up-cycled and dressed in vanilla cream.

I've been on the hunt for a cute jewellery box for months now. The new flats coming together nicely, the kitchens done and the lounge is looking good - its just the bedroom looks a little bare. Now, it being both mine and Nick' room the agreement is we can't make it too girly. We've settled on a happy little medium, the sheets are powder blue and we have a couple of trinkety bits like my necklace stand and a chandelier style bedside lamp, but aside from that we are in serious need of some bits!
I spotted this on Etsy and fell in love immediately. It's the perfect style for our room and the size of it will be great! At the moment I have all my make-up in a shoe box and my jewellery in the case for my curlers! It's about time we fixed something a little more permanent!

Wishlist // On the First Day of Christmas...

“The word it means a lot of different things, that’s why I chose it. At first it was a nickname that I had for the book and then it just became it. And it was ‘It’…gotta go home and work on ‘It’…It’s gonna be ok… this is IT. I love that word. It’s so small and can mean so much.”
Alexa Chung on her unusual title choice.

Alexa Chung is the fashion industries greatest 'it' girl, and the publication of her first book comes in perfect timing for Christmas! An absolute MUST for fashion and music lovers alike. The model makes her writing debut with an energetic fusion of memoir, scrapbooking and style guidelines. It's pages are littered with photographs of stars such as Winona Rider and Kate Moss. I'm expecting something golden! 
Priced at below £10 from Amazon 'IT' makes the perfect gift for besties, sisters, cousins and even secret santa!