Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Wishlist // On the Eighteenth Day of Christmas...

Okay so I've been crushing over these two beauties for AGES now... 

I first saw the Maude playsuit in ARK a couple of months ago and fell instantly in love. The print on it is so simple and not at all detailed which gives the suit a completely unique look. The stark contrast between the reds, whites and bright greens against the black makes the print stand out so much more than it normally would, and although its cold out and shorts might not be the best choice for warmth the longer arms more than make up for it! 
Plus I can always layer up with tights!

The Molly playsuit is exactly the same style as the Maude... I realise this, but its the print that I'm in love with. One thing I adore about Motel is the fact that they use the same fabric on different garments which means I can love the print and even if one style doesn't suit my shape, I can easily go for something else! They do it in a jumpsuit and a pinafore dress which is mega cute!

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