Monday, 2 December 2013

Wishlist // On the First Day of Christmas...

“The word it means a lot of different things, that’s why I chose it. At first it was a nickname that I had for the book and then it just became it. And it was ‘It’…gotta go home and work on ‘It’…It’s gonna be ok… this is IT. I love that word. It’s so small and can mean so much.”
Alexa Chung on her unusual title choice.

Alexa Chung is the fashion industries greatest 'it' girl, and the publication of her first book comes in perfect timing for Christmas! An absolute MUST for fashion and music lovers alike. The model makes her writing debut with an energetic fusion of memoir, scrapbooking and style guidelines. It's pages are littered with photographs of stars such as Winona Rider and Kate Moss. I'm expecting something golden! 
Priced at below £10 from Amazon 'IT' makes the perfect gift for besties, sisters, cousins and even secret santa!

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