Sunday, 15 December 2013

Wishlist // On the Fourteenth Day of Christmas...

Urban exclusive label Staring at Stars presents this super-cosy cardigan. Made from a textured fabric for ultimate cosiness.

I kinda feel as though reaching day fourteen might be a step too far considering the general acceptance of there being twelve days but I'm gonna go right ahead and continue anyway... p.s. How dreamy are the models eyes?!

I'm loving me some burgundy at the moment! This Urban Outfitters cardi is £48 and the 3D design is so eye catching! Plus it looks really comfy... I've got a pretty sweet collection of woollies this year but it's lacking in the cardigan department so this little beauty is the perfect addition to my winter wardrobe.

I'd wear it with my lovely Wholesale7, burgundy platform boots and a black shift dress with sheer tights... my wardrobes taken a darker turn recently - the realisation that black goes with everything, (I know right, took me a while to cotton on), has me spending my pennies on clothes a few shades darker than my usual taste. Think grown up gothic! 

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