Thursday, 15 August 2013

July Haul

My first haul post!

1 - Black Shirt with Gold Buttons, Vintage // 2 - Brown Suede High Waisted Shorts, Vintage // 3 - Blue Floral Bralet, Topshop // 4 - Burgundy and Black Checked Shirt, H&M // 5 - Sheer Floral Body, Topshop // 6 - Tartan Mini Skirt, Vintage // 7 - Bird Print Sheer Blouse, Ebay // 8 - Floral Playsuit, // 9 - Black Shift Dress with Leopard Print Collar, // 10 - Cream Brogues with Pink Ribbon Lace, Clarks // 11- Gold Regency Watch Ring, Vintage // 12- JuJu Jelly Sandals, Topshop // 13- Gold Pierre Cardin Watch, Vintage // 14 - Disney Princess Rucksack, Afflecks Palace // 15 - Gold and Opal Cocktail Ring, // 16 - Chunky Heel Suedette Cut-out Boots, // 17 - Gothic Style Gold Cross Chain with Black Stone, // 18 - Black Leather Buckle Shoes, New Look.

Not Pictured:
Black Bowler Hat, H&M // Grey Chiffon Dress, H&M // Card print Tights, // Floral Suspended Tights, // Sock Tights, // White Satchel Bag, ASDA

Ria <3

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Romance is Dead

Tee - BAUM UND PFERGARTEN // Leggings - H&M // Creepers - H&M // Cross Chain - Topshop // Gold Chain - Vintage // White Ring - New Look // Gold Stone Ring - Missguided // Leather Jacket - Motel

This top was a present from my boyfriends Grandma when we visited the family down south last week, and I adore it. It's so well made and absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful. When you look at it closely there's a million and one tiny details that have gone into it to form all the different textures, it really is stunning. When I purchase a decent camera I will have to upload a close up. I fell in love with it straight away when I saw it. It was bought from a small boutique (I forget the name...) in Chichester town centre, which sold the most amazing designer gear. I can't wait to get myself back there soon, hopefully with a fistful of cash next time!

I'v had these leggings years and I'v worn them so much, they are beyond comfy! I keep waiting for the day that they'll go out of fashion and be sent to the back of my wardrobe but it just won't come! I'm chuffed to say the least... They are the perfect pant for next season too, velvet fits right in with the luxe gothic trend and the rebellious take on style that will be huge for AW13. Definitely a wardrobe staple!

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Note: Pictures have been altered. (I really hated the old ones and so decided to rephotograph the outfit!)

Monday, 12 August 2013

10 Summer Buys you'll want to Keep Hold of!

It comes to that time of the year again when we all must review our wardrobes. The sun goes into hiding and out of that stacker box in the spare room spring the jumpers, cardigans and wooly tights that I doubt any of you missed. If your a 'normal' person and tend not to develop romantic attachments to items of clothing you may have a clear out, although this is pretty unheard of in our house... but if you can bring yourself to, here's my list of what not to whizz.

1 Creepers.

These little beauties have been a staple in the fashion victims wardrobe for the past few years now, and they're set to stick about. When I first saw them their terrifyingly mannish look made me want to hold my cutesy brogues and ballet flats close! Y'know, just in case they somehow got infected by the ugly... but compared to this seasons 'in' footwear, creepers are the supermodels of the crop. Chunky flats are big for Autumn, the uglier the better apparently!

2 Chiffon Sun Dresses.

Now chiffon and cold are not two things in particular support of one another. I get that you all want to wrap up under layers and layers of wooly goodness but hear me out... It's all about mixing mediums for AW13 which means chiffon dresses can work in the winter! Try layering them under a baggy jumper belted at the waist under a chunky knit cardi, or even over a long sleeved shirt with tights. 

3 Mini Skirts!

I promise you I'm not here promoting pneumonia (although I cannot be held responsible if you do catch it... sorry!) 
Mini skirts featured highly on the AW13 catwalks, the shorter the better it seemed. Though the new, below the knee length wins points for warmth, try wearing your mini's with sheer tights and knee length socks. You can always whack on a fur coat if the shivers wont budge!

4 Pastel Shades.

Pastel shades are for summer, right? Not any more! What better way to keep the winter blues away than brightening up your wardrobe? And the best way to do that is head to toe in pink... no, seriously. This time pink is the new black.
Make sure you stay clear of pastel floral prints.... they're just a hint too summery. You don't want to evoke a nostalgic depression in everyone within a five mile radius, after all. For floral prints pick up some jewel shades instead.

5 Tennis Whites!

Style gives a nod to the classics this season and what better way to do that than dressed in white? It might be a bit 90's boyband for you (westlife... eurgh), but it's camouflage qualities are top notch... just kidding! It may take a brave woman to tackle this trend but if you've got the guts, amen to you sista!
Don't quite know how to work it? Try pairing with black. It's the coolest colour combo known to man and monochrome isn't going anywhere just yet.

6 Leather.

(Or pleather... don't worry, I won't tell!)
Leather was BIG for SS13 which meant a lot of sweaty bums for the fashionistas, but alas! Now comes a new era. One where the cold winds blow and the summer sun no longer shines. Typically this is something to be sad about but look on the bright side, your bums will sweat no more!
This seasons rebellious take on fashion means all things leather have earned their spot on your shelves, the more the better! Try pairing with plaid and studs for a truly grungy look.

7 The Blazer.

Casual but smart, strong yet feminine. The blazer over the past few years has secured itself as a staple piece in every girls wardrobe and this season it's set to be even bigger than ever. Fashion has a more masculine face this Autumn with boxy cuts and strong two piece sets.
Try teaming yours with tailored trousers for an on trend look, or go one step further and pick up a tweed blazer. Seriously cool.

8 Circle Skirts

This type of full skirt is flattering for all body types and is a definite favourite of mine! High waisted and hip skimming, the loose fit hides a multitude of sins which is just perfect for those extra pounds we'll all no doubt pick up at Christmas!
Summer was all about the mini version and whilst above the knee styles will still work for you, they don't offer the same cosy comfort as the new seasons knee length styles. Think Greece Lightening and poodle skirts! It's all about romance with this cut, the bigger the better!

9 Leopard Print

Leopard print is another big trend for AW13 so don't hide away those feisty garments just yet! Black is the traditional matchy shade but why not mix things up and throw in some pale pink or mint shades? Be brave!
Snake print is set to be HUGE next season too, only don't mix the two prints... unless you want to channel a badly dressed Cruella De Vil!

10 Gothic

Summers gothic glam has gone on overload for the colder season. Keep hold of all those grungy goodies and make sure those smoky eyes are at the ready for this look. To freshen things up why not try and add a little romance into the punky, sultry pie?
Pink is the go to colour this coming season. Why not try a girly goth look instead of going in hard? Be careful not to wind up looking like an early Avril Lavigne though, I love the girl but boy did she need a stylist! Victorian esque jewellery will vamp things up nicely.

Ria <3

Saturday, 10 August 2013

I feel like I'm in Hogwarts.

I completely broke my camera! Or my little sister did... but she's so cute you just can't get angry at her. So now I'm cameraless and with nobody to blame. Boooo! If you like this look I'd love you a million if you could head over to and hype it up... you lovely, lovely folks!

Bodysuit - Topshop // Skater skirt - Made by yours truly! // Net socks - DIY // Jelly sandals - JuJu @ Topshop // Vintage pearl earrings - Nana's jewellery box! // Pink cameo pendant - Accessorize // Vintage watch - Pierre Cardin, Nana's jewellery box! // Flower ring - Primark // Black leather tote - French Connection // Lip tint - Collection 2000 colour pout in 'Pucker'.

Firstly I'm gonna say a big, loud THANK YOU, to my wonderful Granny Pauline who so kindly lets me raid her jewellery box and wardrobe regularly for old school goodies. A gem of a woman that one!

I'v been down south all this week visiting my boyfriends Dad and the weather has been gorgeous, you might be able to tell from them dodgy tan lines! The picture was taken in Chichester Cathedral and the smudgy mess on my hand is a temporary souvenir from my trip up Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth which was pretty cool tbh, you can see way out over the sea and there's a load of old navy buildings and canons dotted around, interesting stuff!

I absolutely love this body suit. It's a bit of a stretch over my boobs which is really saying something but I reckon with a little dedication I can find the right bra for it. The jewel colours are so rich against the pale purpley grey which is something I love... I can't wait for autumn to come along so I can team it with my black high waist skinnies! Summer seriously isn't my season.

I am also addicted to my jelly shoes at the minute, they are so comfortable! I usually hate wearing sandals 'cause I'm wierd and hate toes but these cover up in all the right places. Plus I find it real funny that you wind up with condensation in the toe... easily amused. But more to the point, silver pretty much goes with anything and I'v gotten so much wear out of them already. My favourite summer buy!

Ria <3