Thursday, 28 November 2013

ARK // Wishlist

I've been a little MIA this week but for utterly brilliant reasons... I GOT THE JOB! Yes, that's right, I am now a working girl out every day making my buck! I've tried to keep the blog going but its been a little difficult getting all my uni work done as well as sorting the flat and feeding myself, which somewhat surprisingly I keep forgetting to do... oops. 

Anyway, now onto the gritty business. Black Friday is predominately an American Holiday, but praise the Lord hallelujah... England has finally caught on! Until the 1st December ARK clothing are offering a huge 20% off EVERYTHING in store and online, so get over there and treat yourself to some brand new threads!

I've been so in love with this Motel Pinafore for quite some time now so I'm hoping Santa will drop some hard cash in my stocking this year, I could seriously do with a wardrobe overhaul! One thing I adore about Motel is the fact they make multiple garments from the same print material - this playsuit and jumpsuit are so perfect! The geo print is amazing.

 Apparently I'm quite into the red this season - love it! Plus signature red lips look extra fierce with a dash of the colour in your clothing. The Ginger Fizz embroidered dress is GORGEOUS. At £60 though this is another one I'll need to keep crushin' on for now. Dayum. I do think I'll treat myself to the tartan leggings and tunic dress. It'll look super cute with a high neck tee underneath! 

Let me know about the best Black Friday sales you spot! This holiday is probably the best thing since squeezy ketchup!

Ria xo

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Wholesale 7 // Wishlist

I've been searching for some awesome, purse friendly, chunky boots to keep my tootsies warm through this (predictively) evilly chill winter. Being a student it's sometimes difficult for me to nab the top trends and still afford to eat on a weekly basis but these little bad boys are so cheap I can afford to buy four pairs! 

I'm crushin' over the black leather boots with the tiny flowers over the toe, they're just so sweet! A plain outfit could be jazzed up in an instant and the burgundy boots are a must have for this season.

I can't get over how perfect the styles are either, it's almost like Wholesale 7 took a dive into my mind and made my dreams a reality. I NEED to get my mitts on these! Luckily I've just started my new job so soon enough funds are gonna be plentiful! Eeeeeeee! :D My feet will be pretty before long. 

Ria xo

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Instadiaries // Week 6

Dominos feast for the Doctor Who Special // Cosied up for the Christmas Markets! // My Princess mug :') <3 // Selfie - S'all about the curls // Barry M Textured Nails // New boots from ARK - They're just perfect! // Dresses, coats & sweaters - I made the transition to winter wardrobe, really need some more wooly items! // Vintage style oversized clock - If I wasn't so obsessed with clothes I'd probably be an interior designer // Newest tattoo - isn't she just beautiful? 

Sunday Summary // Week 6

What I'm watching

We went to see Gravity on Wednesday at the IMAX and it was insane. It's only the second time I've seen a film on an IMAX screen, (I know... where have I been?) and I reckon for a first timer it was the best choice. The film itself was great, I kinda expected to walk in and watch 90 minutes of Sandra Bullock floating through space but I was surprised by how deep the plot got at points.
On the flip side we saw The Councillor too. I'm not sure if it was supposed to be a little artsy or whatever but seriously, it was mind numbing. The language is too metaphorical and meaningful for you to take it in first time, so by the end I genuinely didn't know what half of it meant, and the plot is just predictable. If your into that kinda thing though Nick and I agreed that perhaps after a couple of viewings there might be this whole deeper meaning which we'd just completely missed.
If anyone fancies explaining it to me please do! 

What I'm listening to 

I don't know what's up with me at the moment, my usual music taste is gone and instead has been replaced by 80's rock stars! Last week I was lindyhopping along with Cliff whilst this week I'm busting my lungs to Meatloaf.
What. A. Guy.
I found a CD in my car and so kindly introduced Nick to him on the way to the Trafford. I think he enjoyed it... my singing not so much.

What I'm reading

Okay so I'm not reading it... but I bought my boyfriend the A Game of Thrones graphic novel for Christmas and it is KILLING me not sitting on my arse and reading the whole thing cover to cover! It is amazing. I'm just sorry that I didn't buy the whole series. I keep picking it up and opening it at random pages as if that's going to help my burning desire for its words. 
It's not.

What I'm craving

Jones' Berry Lemonade Soda. For those of you who haven't heard of it, its this American pop which is just AMAZING. Basically, if the Gods made drink... this would be it. The bottles are decorated with the public's photography and inside the lid there's this little inspirational message which is so awesome. I still have about three in my car! 
They also do a Cream Soda which is so scrummy. If your a Mancunian the sweetie shop in Afflecks Palace sell it or you can buy it offline..

What I'm lusting after 

What I'm buying 

I've been Christmas shopping and I'm almost all done! I have a few more bits to pick up for Nick, I need to get my sister's dolly a dress and my brother a little something - though he'll probably just want Microsoft points... party on! 
Feeling wonderfully organised for once, I'll be done before December! 

What I'm wishing 

That this hideous cold would just fly away! //  Snow, snow and more snow! C'mon Mother Nature... Provide the white stuff! // The flat would clean itself, cannot be fussed today! // For a giant windfall - Mountains of cash would be brilliant right now // For the willpower to stop smoking - Shout at me, tell me I'll die, work out how much richer I'll be without the ciggys - I need help!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Teddy Boy


Black Cardigan - Primark // Acid Wash Tee -H&M // Plaid Trousers - H&M // Grey Socks - H&M // Black Leather Lace-up Boots - ARK // Eagle Necklace - Divided by H&M // Gold Watch - Vintage

I've had these trousers a little while now and have only ever styled them up with shirts and glitzy blouses, I never considered dressing it down like this but I love the effect! The trousers are such a gorgeous fit on me - I usually struggle getting trousers that fit perfectly on both the waist and the legs, especially from H&M, but these are just dreamy. So slimming too!

I've usually quite a feminine style but I love to mix it up a bit and this outfit is the perfect example. It's got me considering the whole sports lux trend in a different light, I might just give it a go! This outfit gives off 50's vibes, I feel like a teddy boy! To carry on the theme I raked up this giant quiff, (Nick was dead jealous... way better than his!), and tied my hair back. 

It's very different to my usual look but I think in a good way. Do you agree?

Ria xo

Friday, 22 November 2013

Beaded Beauties // Wishlist

Over the past couple of years Miss Selfridge has firmly cemented itself in my mind as the perfect high street chain to supply the nation with glitsy and gorgeous, flapper esque dresses and beaded jackets. My rebel phase had me steering clear of the fairy-like fabrics and neutral tones, and as a result the store was wiped from my memory, never to bedazzle again.

Since moving to Manchester however, my peepers are drawn toward the stores whimsical window displays each time I walk down the high street. I've created this cutesy image, of elfin frames in fairy dresses in my mind, so you can imagine just how shocked (and hugely impressed), I was to find a bazaar of quirky brights and trendy patterns too!

I've got to get my hands on these treasures...

 I love, love, love the floral twin set! It's just beautiful and so sparkly, perfect for the Christmas season. This metallic pink crop tee goes great too if you aren't brave enough to go head to toe, or even if you just want to mix it up a little. 

The black and white zig-zag sweater is just awesome for winter. I've ordered my picks in colour gradation and unintentionally managed to make the perfect outfit! How gorgeous are the red skirt, the beaded necklace and the sweater together?! 

Sports lux is one trend which isn't going anywhere and although it's a trend I haven't embraced just yet, Miss Selfridge's blue and pink floral sweater might just change that... watch this space!

Ria xo

Leather Love // Haul


My, oh my... I think I'm in love. Technically I'm not allowed to wear them yet, them being a Christmas prezzie from my Mother dearest, but that doesn't mean I haven't done a few cheeky outfit posts featuring the babies!

I initially had my sights set on this similar pair from Urban Outfitters, but at £100 they're a little steep in my eyes. When I found this pair though, from ARK at £39.99, I fell in love. I even prefer them to the Urban Outfitters pair!

So now I'm just waiting on Christmas day so I can grace the streets with these beautiful soles. 

They're sold out online and this was the last pair in the Manchester store. I feel like one hell of a lucky lady! But you can find similar styles here and here.

Ria xo