Friday, 1 November 2013

Introducing... Miss October!

Here's a little something new for you guys... A brand new monthly feature in which I interview my fave blogger from the month gone by. And where exactly has this month gone?! Between Uni, job hunting and fixing up the new flat it seems like all the spare time I once had has been eaten up by menial tasks, yawnn! I did manage to get on the blower however, and have this chat so I can help you lovely lot learn a little more about the gorgeous Amy from, Hello Amy.

Hey Girl! So your in Cardiff right? The land of Torchwood and Charlotte Church - How's your month been?

I've been in bed most this month with the worst cold and cough ever, watching back to back How I Met Your Mother to cheer me up, so I've been a little MIA on the blogging front! 

Your preaching to the choir there, seriously, I've barely had a spare hour to myself! Anyway, tell me a little about Wales, what's your favourite store in Cardiff?

It'd have to be Topshop - sorry to be generic here - but I love the place! Not only because I used to work there (laughs), but it is the first high street brand to be a part of London Fashion Week. They stock all the key trends without the hefty designer price tags. I have a fur gilet from them and at the moment its my absolute favourite piece. I am obsessed with winter!

Definitely! Layering up, chowing down on hot pots and Christmas, you can't beat it. 

Ah Christmas! I love, love Christmas. I can remember being a kid, we always used to spend it with every single member of the family, all crammed in to my nan and gramp's house, scoffing our faces and singing on the karaoke machine! 

(laughs) Brilliant! Its coming around again soon, anything special you've got your eye on?

I do have my eye on a Mulberry at the moment so we shall see! This is going to sound really bad but everything 'splurgy' I own have been gifts, you know, Christmas, birthdays or graduation. I was quite young when I got into fashion. For Christmases I wouldn't want toys or gadgets. it'd always be money for clothes!

So I'm guessing you were one of those little girls who played dress up in Mummy's clothes?

No not at all actually! (Laughs) I grew up with an older brother and we were always quite close so I was a massive tomboy, running about in my Adidas popper joggers...

God bless the 90's ey! (Laughing).

That's not even the worst of it! I went through this gothic stage at one point, I used to wear stripy knee high socks with trainers covered in multicoloured stars. There's no photo evidence thank god!

That's one hell of a shame, and I always thought you were super trendy, Amy! I think we've probably all been there though, so if you've not always been this trendy lady you are today, what's the earliest memory you can think of where fashion was your main focus?

God... I can remember getting money for my birthday one year off all my family and them taking me on a shopping trip to Cardiff to spend it all. I was so excited that I couldn't sleep the night before and in the car journey there they were all making fun of me! I spent it all within a matter of minutes! (Laughs) I used to think I was the bees knees walking around in my Diesel jeans and Hooch tops. I bought a Playboy top that day...

So I'd say you've deffo honed it in a little! How do you think your style has progressed since beginning Hello Amy?

Well I'm quite a shy person but I always used to wear what I wanted. I think blogging has helped me become more confident in what I wear. I mean, I love to watch the Fashion Week shows and read blogs to check up on 'what's in', and yeah if I see a pair of leather trousers on the catwalk I'll just have to have them, I love leather! But I prefer to focus on what I want to wear and what I think looks good on me.

Totally, there's no sense in wearing styles or colours which don't suit you, I agree with that 100%! Lets talk London Fashion Week, what were your favourite looks?

I saw a photo on someone's blog, I don't remember which  but she was wearing these leather slouch, formal looking joggers with a cute cream, cable knit, fluffy jumper and a fedora. I don't think she had much make up on, bar red lips. So simple but she looked amazing. I loved the femininity of Zeynep Tosun's collection too, all flowy, neutral tones, amazing. And Alexander Wang. He's my all time favourite. I love all the boyish and oversized shapes, mixed with feminine pieces, I want everything from the AW13 collection. 

If only! What do you think about the stick thin models, do you agree that to be stylish you have to be slim?

Hell no! I have a friend who is a size sixteen and she is the most stylish person I know! The fashion industry is so diverse I don't think we can stereotype. If five people put on the same jeans and the same top every one of them could make that outfit completely their own. Style is individual - you can make it suit whatever body shape you are, I love that about the industry.

I adore your confidence! You strike me as being so lovely and down to earth. Do you have a major style idol in your life?

Yeah, Yasmin, she's a DJ, singer, songwriter slash all round amazing woman! I am obsessed with this girl. Her style is amazing and she can rock anything, she is just so confident and amazingly beautiful... slight hint of jealousy! I bought a ticket for T4 on the Beach two years ago just to see her. So worth it. 

She has a gorgeous voice too right!? Okay, give me five people through history you'd love to meet?

Erm... Kanye West, Tom Hanks, Sarah Jessica Parker... but only as Carrie Bradshaw, Lauryn Hill and William Shakespeare. 

Kanye West and Shapespeare, (laughs) that'd be an interesting pair! Paint me a picture, what would you do?

We'd have a nice sit down meal and a chat. We'd all have some pasta, honestly I'm obsessed. It's my all time favourite food. I wouldn't be cooking though, I can not cook at all. My boyfriend doesn't even trust me cooking toast...

Get Tom in the kitchen! I reckon he knows his way round a lasagne. I'm not sure Shakespeare would make it but I'm sure he'd be there in spirit!

(laughs) Maybe you could fill his spot?

Yes! We should totally do that sometime! I'll get to arranging it, Carries always up for luncheons! It's been so lovely speaking to you Amy, glad your feeling better - time to get back to blogging! I can't wait for our dinner date, thanks for taking the time for this chat, Bye! 

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