Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sunday Summary // Week 3

What I'm watching

I'm a bit of a pussy with scary films but true to tradition, on Halloween we sat down to watch The Awakening. I actually really enjoyed it! It's a period film which is an instant thumbs up from me, and doesn't exactly follow the traditional horror story layout - it's more beefy in the story department. And it has an amazing twist to the ending, pulled at my heart strings! 
Anyway, if you haven't seen in give it a try, it's not that scary so everyone can give it a go! 

What I'm listening to 

AM - Arctic Monkeys. These guys are my absolute favourite band and have been for the last decade or so! Their last album  wasn't amazing but they're definately back to their old selves and this album proves that. 
I love each and every song which features - seriously don't think I'll ever tire of these folks. 

What I'm reading

I've just began re-reading Cecilia Aherns - Where Rainbows End. It's one of my favourite novels by one of my favourite authors. Cecilia Ahern writes with a certain magical quality and her novels read almost as adult fairy tales. If you ever need a release from reality or a refreshing reminder of the innocence of childhood and that firm belief that all life is doused in magic, read one of her novels! I love, Thanks for the Memories and The Gift - a goodie for the Christmas period! 

What I'm craving

I've been really naughty this week... My boyfriend received his grade for his masters so we've been celebrating all weekend! I made a cake (which is gone!), we bought some truffles and have plied ourselves with alcohol. 
There's no room for craving...

What I'm lusting after 

Its all been a little jewellery orientated this week... I've been checking out stockists online and drawing up a few designs trying to decide what goodies I want! I'm not sharing though, you'll have to wait and see when the online shop goes live. 
Get excited!
The only other thing I really need is the 'Why'd you only call me when your high' merch tee from the recent tour, though I can't seem to find it anywhere online :( booo!

What I'm buying 

I've been good this week. The only major splurge was my hair! I've had it stripped back and dyed a lovely chocolate brown colour. The idea was to go as close to my natural colour as possible so I can quit dying it and let it grow without fussing about my roots. I adore it! The lovely Kristian took care of me, he gave me a gorgeous finish and now I am able to happily wear it without my extensions. 
I'm like a new woman! 

What I'm wishing 

That the snow would fall already // That chocolate wasn't so bad for you // That I had a single idea toward Christmas gifts // That I had more fluffy pj's! // That the Christmas market would get going! 
(Dropping the C-bomb a little early... I'm excited, sue me.)

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