Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Ladybug Creations // 18.11.13

So by now you guys have heard a lot about Ladybug Creations, and seen a little of the 'behind the scenes' but with five days to go to the grand unveiling I though I'd give you all a little treat!

 Jingle Bells necklace - £11 // Paper Wings necklace - £10 // Painting Roses necklace - £8 // Siren Songs necklace - £13

Each necklace is completely handmade and designed by me. The prices range from £6 to £15. The products are finished to an extremely high quality and each piece is completely individual. Some pieces are one of a kind and you'll find them nowhere else!

I am also available to do custom designs, just drop me an email. 

If you could all share this post I would appreciate it hugely. The shop goes live on the 18.11.13 and I have every limb crossed in hopes that it will be a success. And help you could give me would be amazing!

And finally, for the first month only, everything on the site is 15% off! I really couldn't give you a better excuse to check it out! 

Ria <3

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