Monday, 18 November 2013

Sunday Summary // Week 5

What I'm watching

Christmas fever has taken over my life. My eyes have been fully glued to the TV screen, drinking in all the lovely, sparkly Christmas adverts! 
I love, love, LOVE the brand spanking Magic & Sparkle advert! (... some may say M&S). Helen Bohnam Carters appearance 100% steals the show for me, especially embedded in the Disney themed Christmas-sy magic!

What I'm listening to 

Cliff Richard.
He has magic hips and rock 'n roll vocals. Need I elaborate?

What I'm reading

I'm still on Walking Through Hollywood for this week. I've been a busy old bee getting the website up and running, (there's a hefty discount for my beautiful followers, I spoil you!). 

What I'm craving

A good ol' brew with some soggy Rich Tea's! I made the grand mistake of watching The Alan Tichmarch Show when they were debating to dunk or not to dunk... daytime TV numbs the mind.

What I'm lusting after 

Boots, boots and more boots! This winter chill is getting my tootsies all chill. I have my eye on a couple of styles, lets hope Santa provides this year. ;)

What I'm buying 

Winter sweaters! I had a great trawl through Primark on Wednesday and picked up a great many wooly products! I've also done a little Christmas shopping which consists of goodies from Urban Outfitters and All Saints for my man. And of course, the classic Christmas jammies for my Mummy! 
It's a brilliant family tradition!

What I'm wishing 

I have a job interview on Monday, I really hope I get the job! // That the launch of my shop will be an amazing success! Share and share alike folks, help me reach my targets! // Uni could slow down a little - I'm feeling all bogged down with my final years work, anyone else feeling my pain? // For a perfect first Christmas for me and Nick - It's our first year together and we have the new flat to transform into our own winter heaven! I just hope it's as amazing as I plan for it to be!

So sorry it's late again!
Love you all

Ria xo

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