Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Flowers in the Attic

Floral Print Bomber Jacket - Vintage - A Cat Called Esteban // Black Crop Top - Topshop // Pale Blue Jeggings - Moto - Topshop // Black Frill Socks - Primark // Mock Crock Cut-out Boots - Missguided.co.uk // Gold Chain - H&M

How adorable is my new bomber jacket? It's from a super cool vintage store which I found when attending the Rianna Phillips AW13 Press Event called, Cat Called Esteban Vintage. I've bought a few more items from the store which have become serious staples in my winter wardrobe! For the moment I think the bombers gonna sit on the back burner until the sunshine pops his head up again. It'll look so cute with a pair of denim cut off's and a little floaty camisole! 

Sunday Summary - Week 2

What I'm watching

On Friday night my Mum and I watched Basic Instinct for the first time, and despite that classic level of cheese which comes hand in hand with old movies, I really enjoyed it. They kept me hanging on all the way through, at first I thought it was her, then I thought it was Roxy, but I never expected it'd be Miss Doctor! (I'm great with names, right?) 
Then it ended... does anyone understand the point of that ending? Nope? Me neither.

What I'm listening to

I've had this song stuck in my head all weekend and its beginning to drive me mental! The band are a group of lads from back home, who are making it big! They won a competition a couple of years back to support McFly on tour and from there on they've just gone from strength to strength. If your in the small gig scene look out for Idol Minds, they're always touring and its definitely going to be a laugh with these boys about. 
Keep an eye open! 

What I'm reading

Jodi Picoult - Lone WolfSo I'm still on this book but with good reason - my weeks been hectic! I handed in my first assignment on Wednesday which, true to style, I didn't think was in for another two months... I am the most unorganised person on earth.
Thursday we went home for the weekend to see the family and we didn't get home 'till Sunday. I will finish it this week!

What I'm craving

So on Thursday night we went ahead and got really wasted. Like, to the point where I don't remember getting home and my usual hangover food is eggy bread, which is so bad for you. Since Friday morning all I have wanted to eat is eggy bread, no amount of scrambled or poached will cut it. Luckily for me we forgot to buy eggs yesterday - I'm hoping sometime soon the craving will detach itself from me otherwise I think I'm just gonna have to go ahead and chow down!

What I'm lusting after

What I'm buying

I went a little mad on Wednesday... Superdrug and I had a date which wound up costing me a little more than anticipated! I picked up some gorgeous Barry M nail varnishes (Dolly Mixture, Sequin Nail Paint 3, Station Road) as well as Essie - For the twill of it. Other than that it was just a whole vanity case overhaul; GOSH & Max Factor foundations, GOSH click and conceal, Maybelline 24hr lipsticks in Ravishing Rouge, On and On Pink & Forever Coral tint, Maybelline Master Brow pencil, a GOSH foundation brush, B Refined Exfoliating Cleanser and VO5 Plump it Up & Give me Texture
I also treated my Man to a Bonsai Tree! He's been going on about them for ages and I spotted them on the market stall outside Picadilly Gardens so thought I'd buy him a little prezzie. He was chuffed! We spent all Sunday researching and pruning it.

What I'm wishing

That our Bonsai would grow! // I could work out how to make the extractor fan in the flat work // The new Thor film could be released a few days early! // That I could afford all the cosy looking coats I've been scanning (sigh).

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Instadiaries - Week 2

A Cat Called Esteban Vintage - Check out their online store! // My beautiful city scape view from the flat // Ootd shot - Loving my vintage suede jacket! // Ootd - I made the dress! // My favourite person on this earth // Essie - For the Twill of it // Make up haul - oops! // Cat Called Esteban Vintage floral bomber // Selfie! 

Ria <3

Open Your Eyes, Look Within...

Burgundy Tube Dress - Boohoo.com // Skull Print Velvet Embossed Sweater - Topshop // Mock Crock Cut-out Boots - Missguided.co.uk // Gold Chain - H&M // Gold Watch - Pulsar - Vintage // Gold Bracelet - H&M // Watch Ring - Vintage // Gold Rings - Various Sets - H&M

I quite literally haven't taken these boots off since they arrived. After a few days of suffering whilst the top buckle cut into my ankle, they are now so damn comfy! They're the definition of rad. 

I'm currently searching through the depths of my wardrobe for any swath of material that can pass as warm, cosy or thermal. This means tearing up the dregs from last winter in an attempt to find something that can pass as remotely stylish this autumn. I  definitely need to buy more sweaters!

 Ria <3

You Can Never Get a Cup of Tea Large Enough

White Shirt - Primark // Plaid Print Dress - DIY - Made by me // White Cut-out Oxfords - New Look // Golden Chain - H&M // Rings - Various Sets - H&M

I picked up this fabric a while ago from my favourite EVER shop! I found it in the vintage section for about £9 and at first intended to make a pinafore dress but I left it a little too long and the trend kinda blew over before I got round to so much as making my pattern! So I made this instead. Its the first dress I've ever made which actually fits properly, I'm like a giddy little kid when I wear it... I made this! Woo!

I'm halfway through making myself a red velvet swing dress so watch this space!

Ria <3

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Inspired by Giles

Fluffy Sweater - Primark // Kiss Print Skirt - H&M // Stockings - Pretty Polly // Black Socks - ASDA/Wallmart // Mock Crock Boots - Missguided.co.uk // Gold Chain - H&M // Gold Charm Bracelet - H&M

I've had this skirt years, I think it was actually given to me by a friend! I haven't worn it in donkeys but with lipstick kisses making a d├ębut on the Giles SS14 catwalk at LWF I decided it was about time to give it an outing! The lip tint I'm wearing is a pretty perfect match too! I love it! 

My fluffy sweater and my cut out boots are fast becoming my Autumn faves. The sweater is so incredibly warm despite the short arms so I don't even have to wear a coat! I kinda hate coats...

Ria <3

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sunday Summary - Week 1

What I'm watching

My boyfriend went away and left me all alone in the flat for the first time since we moved in this weekend, which sucks! I took the opportunity to start watching the classic Doctor Who episodes! I've made it up to 'The Sensorites', if your a fan of the Doctor give it a go! Though it carries the same story line, the doctor is new to the Tardis so you're learning about its design as he does. It's brilliant! 

What I'm listening to

At the moment I'm loving soft harmonies, The XX and London Grammar style. This week I discovered Lorde - Royals and since have been listening to her new album, 'Pure Heroine' on repeat. The sixteen year old artist is the first New Zealander EVER to hit the number one spot in America. This girl has one serious voice, if you haven't already give her a listen and show your support!

What I'm reading

Jodi Picoult - Lone Wolf. Jodi Picoult has long been one of my favourite authors. You might recognise the name? She originally wrote the novel which was transformed into 'My Sisters Keeper,' the film in 2009. Her novels typically follow the same theme as that in 'My Sisters Keeper,' in the sense that they are centred around controversial law suits. If you love a good tear jerker try 'Handle With Care.' My personal favourites are, 'Picture Perfect,' 'House Rules,' and 'Change of Heart.'
Jodi has such a beautiful writing style and crafts her work from multiple view points makes her novels the most well rounded and gorgeousely considerate stories I've encountered.

What I'm craving

I started a new work out plan this week. I don't think I've done any about of continuous exercise since High School - but the sight of Miley Cyrus' arse at the VMA's made me kick mine into gear! I'm doing pretty well with it all - my abs are killing me and my butt feels like I've slipped down a flight of stairs and landed on it - but I'm proud of myself for sticking to it. I'm aiming for a 1100 kcal daily intake and so far I'v managed to hit under that each day, but... and it is a big but, there's a bag of Malteasers in the cupboard just chanting my name! It's taking all my will to not pop them open!

What I'm lusting after

What I'm buying

I'm pretty skint at the moment - sux being a student - so I've not been splurging in a major fashion! I have managed to pick up this really cute necklace though and a couple of vintage jackets from Cat Called Esteban Vintage, some awesome jewellery and a LBD from H&M and a chunk of jewellery making goodies. So all in all not a bad week!

What I'm wishing

That the new series of Misfits would hurry up and start // That my pink Lily's hadn't died so quickly // That the flat's base temperature wasn't roughly 100 degrees // That I could find a job!

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Cameo frames, Cats & Chains

eBay is the devil I tell you! 

There I was, all cosied up on the sofa scrolling through my instagram last night, just checking out all the cute handmade jewellery available when I found myself wondering; could I make jewellery? Very recently I bought this gorgeous necklace from Cat Called Esteban Vintage.

I adore the design - the multi layers and how each hanging chain adds extra volume and shape to the piece. The emphasis isn't on the pendant like most modern necklaces, the whole thing is crafted so that each part is as beautiful as the last. I began searching for something similar but with such a vivid picture of what I wanted in my mind I was hard pressed to find it. After a few beverages, naturally I was utterly convinced I could make my dreams a reality. Two hours later my shopping basket is full, my bank balance lighter, and on their way to me are a gorgeous range of cameo frames, chains and cats. Apparently I like cats now... 

Today I figured, since I had the materials on their way, I better begin some form of design process. Here's a little of my inspiration - feast your eyes and let me know what you think!

You might be able to tell I have a slight obsession with Cameo's....

My Great Grandma has the most beautiful collection of brooches, mostly antique, and since childhood I have been thoroughly stunned by the tiny details engrained in each one. To me, they are the epitome of beauty, from the models tumbling curls to their smooth profile; they have always caught my heart. I'd like to be able to recreate something similar in design, to be able to achieve even a fraction of that beauty in my designs is a dream.

I'll keep you updated on my progress via both my blog and my instagram profile so keep those eyes peeled!

If you like my ideas check out pill.se - Jo's designs are absolutely breathtaking and each piece is completely handmade. Her statement pieces put an urban twist on the vintage style, I love the 'Peculiar Jewels' collection. Bang on trend! Which pieces are your favourites?

Ria <3

Instadiaries - Week 1

Minstrel cookie dough mix - yum! // New Look Stag head ring - I like to pretend its a reindeer... feeling the Christmassy vibes! // Tuesday's ootd post // My boyfriend bought me pink Lilys! // My face - shameless selfie // Rianna Phillips AW13 press event - mood board // Wednesdays get up - sporting my fave graphic print for the press event // Chicken and Mushroom pie - my man treated me to dinner :) // New necklace holder! - Love new flat goodies! 

Let me know what you've been up to this week,

Ria <3

Friday, 18 October 2013

Golden Days // Haul

Okay, it's probably come apparent to you guys that my shopping addiction has taken a slight turn in the direction of accessories - in particular jewellery. A week and a large chunk of cash later and the collection is building nicely... all I'm craving now is a chunky silver chain and a few cute bracelets. 
Here's the latest haul from H&M.

Set of Silver and Gold Rings - £4.99

Tight Link Chain - £3.99

Floral Bracelet - £5.99

Chunky Link Ring - £3.99
Rose Vine Ring - £3.99

Chunky Charm Bracelet - £5.99

I love my new collection! Something I didn't realise until now - the floral ring and bracelet match really well! I can't wait to get layering them up, look out for them in future outfit posts!

Ria <3

Bones 'N Beads

White Shirt - Primark // Denim Skater Skirt - boohoo.com // Spotty Tights - H&M // White Cut-out Oxfords - New Look // Lace Headscarf - Vintage // Cross Design Bib Necklace - Cat Called Esteban Vintage 

On wednesday night I had the pleasure of attending the Rianna Phillips' AW13 press event held at 2202NQ, and had the opportunity to view all the awesome designs plus feast my eyes on her amazing mood boards! The venue is a rad basement with the most urban feel to it where for this week only you can find 'A Cat Called Esteban Vintage'

A Cat Called Esteban are an online vintage store with the most amazing collection of vibrant wind breakers and 80's shoulder pads! I picked up this necklace for only £18. I fell in love at first sight! The unique rose gold colour of the chain means it differs hugely from most of the brassy golds on the market atm and the bone effect enamel just gives the design a kind of cutesy gothic feel. (Cute and Goth? Really?...) I've been on a mission to build on my jewellery collection this month so doubly pleased with the buy!

Why not get online and check out A Cat Called Esteban for some super buys?! They even offer a 10% discount if you like their page! What's been your best vintage buy? Link me up in the comments box below - I'd love to check them all out!

Ria <3

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Super Stay 14Hr Lipstick // Always Plum

I've never been a huge fan of lipstick... always favoured a good lip tint over the creamy, smudgy colour sticks that every woman seemed to caw over, and lip-gloss was always too sticky. I could never stand being one of those girls who left a kiss trail everywhere she went; on straws, cheeks, even cigarette butts. And I never fully gained the skill level of a woman who can apply the colour drunkenly as easily as she did sober - lipstick was a big no, no for a night out.

But every girl gets bored easily (and perhaps me more so than others)... once I'd made my way through my choice of tint colours, I found myself craving something new so I gave Maybelline's Super Stay 14hr Lipstick a go.

The creamy consistency means that you can manipulate the colour achieved some what- if you smudge it a little once applied you end up with this super luscious pink berry shade which is awesome for a down-stated day time look, but I personally love layering it up to achieve this rich purpely shade.

Because it dries so quickly - a BIG plus in my eyes - the shade can easily be built up, darker and darker. I'm wearing three coats above. Whilst yeah, it does still rub off a little, I've found that to maintain the deep shade I adore I need only reapply every couple of hours at the least... I can quite easily apply the colour when I leave the house in the morning and still look fine when I come home. 
This really is one awesome formula!

You can buy the lipstick and shade in most highstreet drugstores at about £5 - which isn't too shabby for all day coverage!
What are your favourite lipsticks? Which shades do you love the most?

Ria <3

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Ditsy Daisies

Those of you who read this blog regularly may have noticed I have been fooling around with the layout recently. Now don't laugh at me... but I am useless with technology. Honestly, I'm only just getting to grips with twitter - so creating and editing the layout of my own blog from scratch was a hard feat! I genuinely considered hiring someone to do it for me up until now... but as I've developed my blog I've begun to get to grips with the whole blogger platform and how to manipulate it, and I'm quite pleased with the results of my labour! 

The new design is much more crisp and gives off a more sophisticated vibe in my opinion. I haven't changed much apart from the colour scheme and design - it's the same template as before. Where I once had a plain background I've amped it up a little with the vibrant pattern and I have changed the blog's title in sync with this.

What do you think? Seeing as it's you lovely lot who have to look at it I would be so grateful for any comments you could share with me about the new look. 
How do you feel about the sudden change? Do you like the design, loathe it, love it?
I can't wait to hear all your responses!

Ria <3

Superdry Giveaway

Everybody loves a good give away and I am so pleased to announce my first!
I'm giving away this gorgeous pair of Superdry Corduroy jeans to one of you lucky readers. All you have to do it use the widget below to enter!

- Giveaway is for one pair of Superdry Corduroy jeans. (Size 28W)
- Giveaway ends after one week - 29th October 2013
- Open to UK readers only (sorry internationals - maybe next time!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, 14 October 2013

She's a Topshop Princess, a Rockstar too.

Fur Coat - Vintage - Armstrong's Emporium // Playsuit - Topshop // Black Knee High's - American Apparel // Mock Crock Cut Out Boots - Missguided // Stag Head Ring - New Look // Wings Ring - H&M // Cross Chain - Topshop

So Saturday night I went out with some girlfriends and seriously... I don't think anything has ever escalated so quickly. EVER. Note to self: Cocktails are not my friends.

On the plus side my coat kept me super cosy on the walk home - which I swear took twice as long as usual. I really loved this outfit, the playsuit is dead old but a good ol' classic when nothing else seems quite right, and seeing as I don't own a black dress, (I know right... I call myself a fashion blogger!), it had to be the LBP. (... little black playsuit. Brap.)

What did you guys get up to this weekend? Let me know in the comments box below...

Ria <3

New Look Mini Haul

Stag Ring  -  £3.99

 String Bracelet Pack - £4.99 

8 Pack Grunge Rings - £9.99

White Cut Out Shoes - £12

Love my new goodies! I've wanted these shoes a while but being a skint student, didn't have the cash until now. Lucky really because to my utter delight they've been reduced in the sale from £22.99 to £12! Yay!

Which are your favourites?

Ria <3

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Doll Face

Plaid chiffon shirt - Primark // Black disco pants - boohoo.com // Cameo necklace - Vintage // Sheepskin backpack - BANK // Black suede Mary Jane's - New Look 

So although I look a little like a six year old, (I can't help it... I'm just too cute.) I really like this outfit. The simplicity of each garment works brilliantly with one another and the shirt's print keeps the look updated. Plus it's bright blue tone really makes my eyes pop!

I adore my sheepskin backpack which gives any look a bit of an urban twist, with its textured outside. It's so different to anything I've seen which makes it uber cool in my eyes! The bags surprisingly roomy too... I was able to pack away all my Uni books and pack away a small shop on my way home, quelle surprise! 

My only complaint is the shirts fit - after one wash it's twisted and out of shape. Classic Primark!
What do you guys think about the store? Are the low prices worth the, (i'll be kind...), 'questionable' quality, or is shopping there a fruitless endeavour? I'd love to know.

Ria <3