Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Sunday Summary - Week 2

What I'm watching

On Friday night my Mum and I watched Basic Instinct for the first time, and despite that classic level of cheese which comes hand in hand with old movies, I really enjoyed it. They kept me hanging on all the way through, at first I thought it was her, then I thought it was Roxy, but I never expected it'd be Miss Doctor! (I'm great with names, right?) 
Then it ended... does anyone understand the point of that ending? Nope? Me neither.

What I'm listening to

I've had this song stuck in my head all weekend and its beginning to drive me mental! The band are a group of lads from back home, who are making it big! They won a competition a couple of years back to support McFly on tour and from there on they've just gone from strength to strength. If your in the small gig scene look out for Idol Minds, they're always touring and its definitely going to be a laugh with these boys about. 
Keep an eye open! 

What I'm reading

Jodi Picoult - Lone WolfSo I'm still on this book but with good reason - my weeks been hectic! I handed in my first assignment on Wednesday which, true to style, I didn't think was in for another two months... I am the most unorganised person on earth.
Thursday we went home for the weekend to see the family and we didn't get home 'till Sunday. I will finish it this week!

What I'm craving

So on Thursday night we went ahead and got really wasted. Like, to the point where I don't remember getting home and my usual hangover food is eggy bread, which is so bad for you. Since Friday morning all I have wanted to eat is eggy bread, no amount of scrambled or poached will cut it. Luckily for me we forgot to buy eggs yesterday - I'm hoping sometime soon the craving will detach itself from me otherwise I think I'm just gonna have to go ahead and chow down!

What I'm lusting after

What I'm buying

I went a little mad on Wednesday... Superdrug and I had a date which wound up costing me a little more than anticipated! I picked up some gorgeous Barry M nail varnishes (Dolly Mixture, Sequin Nail Paint 3, Station Road) as well as Essie - For the twill of it. Other than that it was just a whole vanity case overhaul; GOSH & Max Factor foundations, GOSH click and conceal, Maybelline 24hr lipsticks in Ravishing Rouge, On and On Pink & Forever Coral tint, Maybelline Master Brow pencil, a GOSH foundation brush, B Refined Exfoliating Cleanser and VO5 Plump it Up & Give me Texture
I also treated my Man to a Bonsai Tree! He's been going on about them for ages and I spotted them on the market stall outside Picadilly Gardens so thought I'd buy him a little prezzie. He was chuffed! We spent all Sunday researching and pruning it.

What I'm wishing

That our Bonsai would grow! // I could work out how to make the extractor fan in the flat work // The new Thor film could be released a few days early! // That I could afford all the cosy looking coats I've been scanning (sigh).

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