Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Mock Crock

So I've been looking for a cute pair of cut out boots for Autumn for quite some time now but I've not been able to find the perfect pair... until now! I'm really fussy about heel height so its been relentless work trawling through site after site trying to find something to my taste. I don't wear high heels much but I wanted something more than my usual flat. And these little beauties are the end result!

I took a gander at Missguided yesterday and fell in love, repeatedly. It is honestly such a shame that I don't have a billion in the bank because if I did, I'd currently be jumping around hugging these, these, and these too...

A girl can dream!

Ria <3


  1. Those are the nicest cut out boots I have seen, I love the croc leather effect, they are lovely! Enjoy your pretty new pretties!

    Emma x

    1. I sure will! Only £45 too, absolute steal!

      Love Ria