Thursday, 10 October 2013

I have a crush on Lavish Alice...

If your familiar with the online boutique, Lavish Alice, you'll already know about their amazing collection. You'll already know about the amazing prices and you'll know about their collaborations with brands such as 'Rock 'N Rose'. 

I discovered their site very recently whilst mulling through a list of UK based blogs on bloglovin, and in a second their range of quirky, cute and sophisticated styles stole my heart. The store offers free delivery, and free next day delivers on orders over £80, plus exclusive discounts for fans of their facebook page, so get on over there and hit 'like'!

That little corner of the interweb they call their own is a hive of cult prints, edgy cuts and on trend colours. Here's my favourites from their current collection...


I cannot wait to get my hands on the Mustard & White Contrast Dress and the Navy Blue Maxi Pinafore Dress! 

I love a good collar and the dress is by far the cutest I'v seen in a long time, except perhaps Valentino's tapestry print mini, but at 1.5% of the price its a fab alternative! The pinafore dress is something I wouldn't usually go for but there's something so unique about the style that I can't help but fall head over heels for it. The little logical man in my mind is telling me that never in a million years will it suit my body shape, (short, curvy, unbalanced...), but that whimsical fairy - head full of dreams and wishes - is telling me to go for it! Suppose I could just send it back... 

I always did wear my heart on my sleeve!

Keep your eyes peeled for my follow up post on Rianna Phillips clutches - Stocked by Lavish Alice.
They are so perfect they deserve their own post!

Ria <3

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