Sunday, 27 October 2013

Open Your Eyes, Look Within...

Burgundy Tube Dress - // Skull Print Velvet Embossed Sweater - Topshop // Mock Crock Cut-out Boots - // Gold Chain - H&M // Gold Watch - Pulsar - Vintage // Gold Bracelet - H&M // Watch Ring - Vintage // Gold Rings - Various Sets - H&M

I quite literally haven't taken these boots off since they arrived. After a few days of suffering whilst the top buckle cut into my ankle, they are now so damn comfy! They're the definition of rad. 

I'm currently searching through the depths of my wardrobe for any swath of material that can pass as warm, cosy or thermal. This means tearing up the dregs from last winter in an attempt to find something that can pass as remotely stylish this autumn. I  definitely need to buy more sweaters!

 Ria <3

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