Friday, 11 October 2013

Rianna Phillips - Designer Lust

Whilst browsing through the world of Lavish Alice yesterday, I thought the online boutique couldn't get any cooler. Their range of clothing rivals even the biggest high street brands and their shockingly low prices are second to none. I thought the store couldn't get any more perfect, until I found Rianna Phillips.

Photos from Lavish Alice

3. Square Geometric Flat Fabric Digital Multi Use Zipper 
Large - £48              Mini - £20
4. Diamond Flat Fabric Digital Multi Use Zipper
Large - £48              Mini - £20

A graduate from The Manchester School of Arts, Rianna Phillips established her luxury label in 2011, after working as a freelance print designer. The graphic accessories are completely home-grown and 100% original. You can get your mitts on the four above at Lavish Alice, or check out the full collection here.

What I love most about the site is the design notes which are included on each page. What a cute and quirky addition! - It really makes me feel included in the process. I feel like I can identify with the product knowing the story behind it's creation. Cool, huh?
Here are my favourites...

Darwin Iphone case - £24

Bellamack Multi Portfolio Clutch Bag - £63

Nerissa Digitally Printed Portfolio Clutch Bag - £48

Gatton Mini Clutch Bag - £36

Warrego Mini Clutch Bag - £36

Burleigh Iphone Case - £24

What's your favourite?

Ria <3
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