Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Inspired by Giles

Fluffy Sweater - Primark // Kiss Print Skirt - H&M // Stockings - Pretty Polly // Black Socks - ASDA/Wallmart // Mock Crock Boots - Missguided.co.uk // Gold Chain - H&M // Gold Charm Bracelet - H&M

I've had this skirt years, I think it was actually given to me by a friend! I haven't worn it in donkeys but with lipstick kisses making a d├ębut on the Giles SS14 catwalk at LWF I decided it was about time to give it an outing! The lip tint I'm wearing is a pretty perfect match too! I love it! 

My fluffy sweater and my cut out boots are fast becoming my Autumn faves. The sweater is so incredibly warm despite the short arms so I don't even have to wear a coat! I kinda hate coats...

Ria <3

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