Friday, 18 October 2013

Golden Days // Haul

Okay, it's probably come apparent to you guys that my shopping addiction has taken a slight turn in the direction of accessories - in particular jewellery. A week and a large chunk of cash later and the collection is building nicely... all I'm craving now is a chunky silver chain and a few cute bracelets. 
Here's the latest haul from H&M.

Set of Silver and Gold Rings - £4.99

Tight Link Chain - £3.99

Floral Bracelet - £5.99

Chunky Link Ring - £3.99
Rose Vine Ring - £3.99

Chunky Charm Bracelet - £5.99

I love my new collection! Something I didn't realise until now - the floral ring and bracelet match really well! I can't wait to get layering them up, look out for them in future outfit posts!

Ria <3

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