Thursday, 10 October 2013

I Sold my Soul to the Open Road

Sweater - Vintage // Studded belt - H&M // Tights - Marks & Spenser // Mock crock cut-out boots - // Cross chain - Topshop // Gold Watch - Pulsar - Vintage // Gold chain (as bracelet) // Black ring - New Look // Gold set of rings - H&M

Giving my brand new boots a tour of Manchester today! I am still cooing over them, they are so comfortable too which I didn't expect. True love! <3

This sweater was one of my friends mums when she was younger, it was passed on to my friend then given to me. I'v had it for about four years now and I love it. The slouchy, oversized knit design is amazingly cool. I can chuck it on with just about anything for an effortlessly chic look. Today I went for the whole boho chic look, what do you think?

Ria <3

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