Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sunday Summary - Week 1

What I'm watching

My boyfriend went away and left me all alone in the flat for the first time since we moved in this weekend, which sucks! I took the opportunity to start watching the classic Doctor Who episodes! I've made it up to 'The Sensorites', if your a fan of the Doctor give it a go! Though it carries the same story line, the doctor is new to the Tardis so you're learning about its design as he does. It's brilliant! 

What I'm listening to

At the moment I'm loving soft harmonies, The XX and London Grammar style. This week I discovered Lorde - Royals and since have been listening to her new album, 'Pure Heroine' on repeat. The sixteen year old artist is the first New Zealander EVER to hit the number one spot in America. This girl has one serious voice, if you haven't already give her a listen and show your support!

What I'm reading

Jodi Picoult - Lone Wolf. Jodi Picoult has long been one of my favourite authors. You might recognise the name? She originally wrote the novel which was transformed into 'My Sisters Keeper,' the film in 2009. Her novels typically follow the same theme as that in 'My Sisters Keeper,' in the sense that they are centred around controversial law suits. If you love a good tear jerker try 'Handle With Care.' My personal favourites are, 'Picture Perfect,' 'House Rules,' and 'Change of Heart.'
Jodi has such a beautiful writing style and crafts her work from multiple view points makes her novels the most well rounded and gorgeousely considerate stories I've encountered.

What I'm craving

I started a new work out plan this week. I don't think I've done any about of continuous exercise since High School - but the sight of Miley Cyrus' arse at the VMA's made me kick mine into gear! I'm doing pretty well with it all - my abs are killing me and my butt feels like I've slipped down a flight of stairs and landed on it - but I'm proud of myself for sticking to it. I'm aiming for a 1100 kcal daily intake and so far I'v managed to hit under that each day, but... and it is a big but, there's a bag of Malteasers in the cupboard just chanting my name! It's taking all my will to not pop them open!

What I'm lusting after

What I'm buying

I'm pretty skint at the moment - sux being a student - so I've not been splurging in a major fashion! I have managed to pick up this really cute necklace though and a couple of vintage jackets from Cat Called Esteban Vintage, some awesome jewellery and a LBD from H&M and a chunk of jewellery making goodies. So all in all not a bad week!

What I'm wishing

That the new series of Misfits would hurry up and start // That my pink Lily's hadn't died so quickly // That the flat's base temperature wasn't roughly 100 degrees // That I could find a job!

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