Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Sweater - All Saints // Little black dress! - H&M // Tights - Marks & Spenser // Knee highs - All Saints // Suede Mary Jane's - New Look // Swallow chain - DIY - New Look // Silver layering rings - H&M

Okay, so I was a little silly with this look but I can't help it, I felt like a little kid in my uniform! 
I stole this sweater from my boyfriend a couple of months back and it's my new go-to cover up. It's the perfect amount of 'too big' and looks so cool with a pair of skinnies and some flats. 

Last night me and my boyfriend went to watch 'Filth' and let me tell you... it's no cutesy tale! I won't ruin it for you but be warned, do not try and watch it hungover. I won't pretend to be the smartest of the pack but even clean headed I had no idea what was going on for the majority of the film! All in all though it is worth watching, be prepared for a mammoth sized twist!

Ria <3

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