Friday, 4 October 2013

H&M Mini Jewellery Haul

So my Student Loan finally graced my bank account with it's presence so fittingly, I went on a well deserved mini spree last night. I've been needing some new jewellery for some time now - it's gotten to the point where I'm modifying all my old stuff to give it a new lease of life, (I seriously need to get a job!), so I decided to treat myself to these goodies from H&M. I'm really happy with my choices and it all came to just over £26... Steal!

I've had my eye on this necklace for the past month or so, so I finally picked it up. I'm usually such a sucker for pretty jewellery so this is a fresh change from the norm. I really love the big, chunky chain and the detail in the eagle.

Rings are something I'm really running low on so I decided to make that the focus of my shop. This one is just gorgeous and so glittery! I haven't much silver, I'm more of a gold kinda gal'.

These layering rings are just great, what I really love about them is that they are all different sizes so sit in different positions on my fingers!

When I took this ring from the packaging I found out it was broken in two different places and I was gutted. But after a quick mess around I got over it... I actually prefer it! Because I have horrible little, stubby fingers if it'd had been whole I would have had trouble actually wearing it. Now I can wear them over three fingers and I really like how the now separate rings match.

I love a good statement ring and this definitely ticks that box, it's huge! Although as I say, I do have fat kid hands. 

This wierdly reminds me of the ring from Lord of the Rings. Now, I'm aware it doesn't actually look anything like it. But that's my reasoning for the purchase... go figure!

Ria <3

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