Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Ladybug Creations // 18.11.2013

"The prettiest links to have graced this earth! You've stumbled upon Ladybug Creations. A fantastical emporium of fairytale esque, vintage inspired, distinct designs."

Just a quickie to tantalise your minds...

This week I've been holed up in the flat fiddling with findings, clasps and chains, using every ounce of creative instinct to put together some lovely little necklaces. You might remember me mentioning a while back the idea I'd had about making them, and me sharing a little inspiration? Well, the idea is no more and the reality is steam rolling in to life. I've cut myself, glued my fingers together multiple times, (seriously... I am not safe with that stuff!), and totally trashed the flat, but I'm getting there.

So far I'm loving the creative process. I keep getting little ideas and having to scribble sketches on take out napkins, my bags full of them. Being the organisational goon I am, each finished sketch gets transferred into my design book and marked up with measurements; ideas sprinkled round the outside like fairy dust! I'm having so much fun.

The websites near finished - I'm just working on adding all the products - and currently features four small collections. Most of the pieces are on a limited basis and the site also features a few one of a kind pieces. At the moment the only products available are necklaces but after a little market research and showing off the goodies to my pals', I've decided to add earrings and bracelets to the collection too. 

You can keep an eye on my progress through my twitter and instagram accounts. 

The site goes live on the 18th, tell your friends and check it out!

Ria xo

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