Thursday, 14 November 2013

Boohoo // Wishlist

The leaves are bare and the beginnings of icy fingers can be seen creeping up the window panes in the early morning mist. Until now I've managed to adapt my fave summer outfit's for the chill with tee's underneath, tights and fluffy socks. But alas, no more. It's about time I do some seasonal shopping! 

Here's my top picks from

Okay, okay... So it's not the cosiest collection I've seen, but most of the dresses have long sleeves, and the mini skirts can be layered up with thick tights and wooly sweaters! The velvet disco pants are adorable, and the silver dress is just divine, and perfect for Nick's graduation ceremony coming up in December! Plus it will look gorgeous under a fluffy black sweater with leather boots. 

Ria xo

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