Saturday, 10 August 2013

I feel like I'm in Hogwarts.

I completely broke my camera! Or my little sister did... but she's so cute you just can't get angry at her. So now I'm cameraless and with nobody to blame. Boooo! If you like this look I'd love you a million if you could head over to and hype it up... you lovely, lovely folks!

Bodysuit - Topshop // Skater skirt - Made by yours truly! // Net socks - DIY // Jelly sandals - JuJu @ Topshop // Vintage pearl earrings - Nana's jewellery box! // Pink cameo pendant - Accessorize // Vintage watch - Pierre Cardin, Nana's jewellery box! // Flower ring - Primark // Black leather tote - French Connection // Lip tint - Collection 2000 colour pout in 'Pucker'.

Firstly I'm gonna say a big, loud THANK YOU, to my wonderful Granny Pauline who so kindly lets me raid her jewellery box and wardrobe regularly for old school goodies. A gem of a woman that one!

I'v been down south all this week visiting my boyfriends Dad and the weather has been gorgeous, you might be able to tell from them dodgy tan lines! The picture was taken in Chichester Cathedral and the smudgy mess on my hand is a temporary souvenir from my trip up Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth which was pretty cool tbh, you can see way out over the sea and there's a load of old navy buildings and canons dotted around, interesting stuff!

I absolutely love this body suit. It's a bit of a stretch over my boobs which is really saying something but I reckon with a little dedication I can find the right bra for it. The jewel colours are so rich against the pale purpley grey which is something I love... I can't wait for autumn to come along so I can team it with my black high waist skinnies! Summer seriously isn't my season.

I am also addicted to my jelly shoes at the minute, they are so comfortable! I usually hate wearing sandals 'cause I'm wierd and hate toes but these cover up in all the right places. Plus I find it real funny that you wind up with condensation in the toe... easily amused. But more to the point, silver pretty much goes with anything and I'v gotten so much wear out of them already. My favourite summer buy!

Ria <3


  1. i thought it was a dress! looks so pretty !

  2. i love your outfit!