Friday, 26 July 2013

Savvy Sale Shopping 101!

There's nothing better than a good sale! There's a certain excitement in getting new clothes for a cut price, but often the sales are full of past season styles and trends. It's real important for me when I'm sale surfing that I buy stuff which is going to last me, I'm only a poor student after all! I (try to...) follow a bit of a rule system when milling through the sales so here's my guide to savvy sale shopping!

1) Shop Online

I am a firm believer than online shopping is the future. Not only is the range of clothing much bigger, (which is never a bad thing!), but you have time to review your choices. I have a real bad habit of picking up anything and everything I like whilst traipsing round the shops without putting in any consideration as to what it'll match, if the style or cut is right, or even if the colour suits me. I have to admit I turn into a bit of a monster, gobbling up all the lovely, lovely threads! By the time I get them all home I realise that I probably didn't need half the stuff I've bought and of course, I'm far too lazy to take it back so it just winds up sat the back of my wardrobe or being given to a friend.
I prefer online shopping much more. The only downside for me is that I can’t try things on before I buy, (obviously…), but lots off stores offer free returns so that isn't too much of an issue. I have a habit of buying two of the same thing in different sizes if I'm not sure how it’ll fit and just returning one. I know your probably thinking, “Surely that’s more effort than nipping back to the shops to return them?” If only…
I live outside of Manchester atm in Salford, (although I may be moving to the City Centre in September, eeeeek!), which is about a 20 minute drive from town. It’s pretty impossible to park once you get there without it costing you a small fortune, plus I HATE driving in Manchester! I come from a small seaside town and I've not quite gotten used to the volume of traffic yet, or all the one way streets. I can get lost trying to drive home from uni! There is however, a post office a 2 minute walk from me.

2) Forward thinking

A really good tip for sale shopping is to browse with next season’s trends in mind. That way you can be sure that what you’re buying is actually going to get some wear out of it. For example this season’s leather and monochrome trends are here to stay through to A/W13 so your safe to fill your bag. 
One tip is to think colour. You probably won’t get much use out of pastel shades and loud floral prints but jewel tones are big next season so consider floral prints in blues, purples and reds. I recently bought this body from Topshop which will look brilliant with a leather skirt and chunky boots come autumn! It’s important to have an idea about what you’re still gonna be wearing when the sun goes in because you don’t want to end up with a wardrobe full of summer styles come autumn, then spend all winter hoping and wishing you’ll get to wear them again come spring! 
Another good tip is to try and buy things you want for next season early. This way you’re more likely to get a good deal whilst what you’re shopping for is unpopular. I'm currently on the hunt for a new fur coat. EBay is a really great stop for stocking up on out of season garments and if you buy now before everyone else wants it too you’re bound to get an awesome bargain!

3) Check the list... then check it twice

Even though I don’t frequent the shops that often I still like to stay true to my shopping style. I tend to go through each page adding everything I like to my bag then revise my choices when I'm done. I like to think about colour, style, what I’d wear it with, similar pieces I already have, whether it will suit me and whether it will carry through to next season before I buy. I find this often stops those impulse buys, which would normally happen on a shopping excursion and means I end up with items I'm genuinely really pleased with.

Here's a cheeky tip for you too; If the website your shopping on offers free postage over say, £40, but the items in your basket don’t add up to £40 make it add up! Most places offer free returns so even if you don’t want the extra piece you've added to your basket, you can just send it back! May as well save yourself a few pennies and take advantage of the kind offer! 

Hope this has helped you guys! Let me know if I'm missing a trick, what are your top shopping tips? 

Ria <3

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