Thursday, 26 September 2013

Love me do.

Fluffy sweater - Primark // Lilac skirt - DIY, handmade // Floral suspender tights - // Black brogues - Topshop // Headband - New Look // Swallow chain - DIY // Bracelet - Pandora // Feather ring - Topshop

I made this skirt at the start of summer and it was so easy to do, there are tutorials all over the internet but some complicate the process massively! Here's how I make mine...

1. Fold the fabric in half, then half again.
2. In the centre of the fabric mark out the waist line;
                    You can find this by measuring round your waist then dividing by pi.
                    Add 1.5 inches to the end calculation so the skirt will fit over your hips
3. Mark out the bottom hem line.
                    I usually measure about eighteen inch from the waist though you can make it as short or as long                     as you like!
4. Cut out the pattern.
5. Sew around the bottom hem to give a neat finish.
6. Cut a piece of elastic to the exact measurement of your waist and sew into the waist of the skirt.

VOILA! Now wear it with pride! It is in my opinion that everyone should learn to sew. Its honestly so rewarding and not at all as hard as it seems. My sewing machine was a birthday gift from my grandparents which, like the spoilt kid I am, I got two months early. I've only actually been sewing for about three months and I can knock up one of these beauties in about 20 minutes! I'm currently on with a few other DIY projects so watch this space!

Ria <3

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