Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My Top Looks from London Fashion Week

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 I love love love this complete mash up of texture and print. This is also possibly the coolest varsity jacket I've ever seen and the way it's teamed with an elegant skirt and flats gives the outfit a complete twist. Props to the massive level of co-ordination that has gone into this look. Although it looks effortlessly cool, almost as though it has been thrown together, each piece has been chosen to work in perfect harmony with the others. With such a mix of vibrant patterns it's easy to wind up looking messy but this is spot on!
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This sweater has a really futuristic, alien vibe to it which looks awesome. It kind of reminds me of Hillary Duff's igloo dress in The Lizzie McGuire Movie because of the bubble effect, though that's where the similarities end. The sweaters graphic print is the statement for this outfit and accessories have been kept to a minimum to allow the design all the attention. Perfect!

One of my favourite trends for AW13 is the tartan trend. Vivienne Westwood is one of my favourite designers and the trend takes me back to my childhood, when Cher and Dion rocked it in Clueless! (Which is awesome for style inspiration this season!) I adore the classic cut of the white pants whilst the bias cut of the skirt, with it's bold red print gives the second look a more grungy feel, though I personally would rock it up a little for better effect. 

This look is just amazing. There's a classical vibe to the outfit but the futuristic bib necklace brings it right up to date. The simplicity of this natural pallet makes the whole outfit stand out so brilliantly whilst the sharp lines throughout the jacket and trousers contrast with the soft contours of the tee's fit and cowl neck. I particularly dig the tortoise shell specks, yet another nod to the classics. I love the bob too! So jealous of any woman who can pull off short hair, I envy you. Overall very Chanel, just beautiful.

There's a certain sweetness to this look and I adore the colours. Something I love about street style is that there are no rules. It's all about experimentation and I think this look promotes that wonderfully. When you look at each garment separately this look shouldn't work, but it does and beautifully too. The big overcoat, hat and bow tie give off a tailored vibe, but add the floral jeans and diamanté's and the end result is so sassy and quirky. I would have never thought to wear trainers with an outfit like this but it works so well and is bang on trend too!

Now this is just plain zany! But I love it for two reasons; the print of the outfit (I think its a two piece...) is plain amazing. It's so bright and vivid but could equally be toned down with classic black heels and a black blazer. I love how she's styled it though, its such a mad mix of colour, texture and print. The second reason I'm obsessing over this look is the pom-pom's! They were all over the AW13 catwalk but I'm yet to see anyone wearing theirs with pride! 

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This look reminds me so much of every Burberry shoot I've ever seen and set against the urban background the photo invites a whole new look at the classical style. As I've already said the sharp tailoring is so huge this season and this minimalistic look works the trend perfectly.

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I call this look; boho meets thrift store queen! I think it's just perfect. The outfit emits a vintage feel whilst being bang on trend with the mixture of texture and bold winter florals. It looks so effortlessly chic, whilst managing to make a bold enough statement to easily turn heads. If I could chose to dress in one single style until the end of my days, this look would be the basis for my wardrobe. It's just that fierce.

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I have tried to credit all photographs but if I have missed any or if you as the photographer have any problems with my use of your work please contact me.

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