Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Winter Blush.

Jumper - Topshop // Pink shirt - Primark // Disco pants - boohoo.com // Gold chain - Vintage // Pearl chain - DIY (from multilayer necklace) - New Look // Pink cameo chain - Accessorize // Brogues - Clarks

I've had this jumper years and I love it so much. Recently its kinda turned into a lounging sweater but I adore how sweet it looks over a shirt. Another thing I love about it is its a UK size 14 which means I can tuck my knees up inside it and snuggle up on cold nights. An amazing investment!

I bought my brogues when my boyfriend and I visited his family in Chichester this summer. I found them in the kids section which should tell me something about my taste but they're just so cute. I particularly love the pink ribbon laces which I think work so well with this seasons romantic twist on styles.

Ria <3

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