Friday, 20 September 2013

Tartan Tart.

Black Shirt - Vintage // Tartan skirt - Vintage // Black knee highs - American Apparel // Creepers - H&M // Gold chain - Vintage // Belt - H&M

Bit of a vintage thing going on here... I bought both this skirt and the shirt off ebay a while back and I'v never thought to team them up before but I absolutely love this outfit! The shirt especially, its so pretty, the buttons are gorgeous on it! When the skirt came it was such an awkward length so I had to take it up which has kinda messed with the pleats in it a little. Its a shame but I can iron them in, they just aren't permanent like they were before.

The necklace is another of my nana's little gifts to me. I honestly have the most fun raiding her jewellery boxes and rooting through her old clothes. She has stacks of jewellery boxes just piled up above her clothing rails in the wardrobe - I dont think she's even touched any of it in years! So its nice that I can wear it all and enjoy it.

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Ria <3

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